Download 李聖傑 Sam Lee【手放開】Official Music Video
李聖傑 Sam Lee【手放開】Official Music Video
李聖傑 Sam Lee【手放開】Official Music Video
Hands off.

Lyrics : Fong
Composer : Fang Wenliang
Arranging : Antunes

我把自己關起來 只留下一個陽台
I locked myself up. Leaving only a balcony.

每當天黑推開窗戶 我對著夜幕發呆
Every time I open the window when the sky goes dark, I stare at the night sky blankly

Look at the past scene by scene

To broadcast our love Again

我把電視機打開 聽著別人的對白
I turned on the TV. Listen to other people's dialogue

Maybe those stories could give me an explanation.

The love you want is that I'm never able to learn

The only I can do is Watch our Love Go Bad

People seem to see emotional fluctuations in love

I can't give you the future, so I give you now

Quiet end is also another treat

當眼淚流下來 傷已超載
When the tears are streaming down, the wound is overloaded

Apart is another way to understand

我給你最後的疼愛 是 手放開
The last love I give you is let your hands go

I don't want to sleep on a double bed with you, but separated by sea.

leave the stain of emotion to be bleached by time

Put love in the left pocket in front of the chest

最後的疼愛 是 手放開
The last love is to let go

Don't want to argue with words so choose not to blame

感情就像候車月台 有人走 有人來
Love is like waiting for the train platform, Someone's gone, Someone came

My heart is a station

寫著 等待
Write waiting

我把收音機打開 聽著別人的失敗
I'll turn on the radio. Listen to the failure of others

The voice of sobs seemed to tell the same sorrow

你的依賴 還在胸懷
Your dependence feels still in front of my chest

我無法輕易推開 我無法隨便走開
I can't push it easy, I can't go away

A man who concentrates in love is apt to be hurt.
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