Download Faithless - Insomnia (Alessandro Ambrosio Remix)
Faithless - Insomnia (Alessandro Ambrosio Remix)
Faithless - Insomnia (Alessandro Ambrosio Remix)
AMBROSIO STUDIOS Entertainment © 1997-2017
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AMBROSIO STUDIOS Entertainment © 1997-2017
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Ambrosio Studios:
World's International Ghost production company based Worldwide, founded in London, UK.
Managed by Alessandro Ambrosio, Boss and General CEO Director.
Based on Swedish Quality Level music standards both in production and mastering.
Company that holds Ambrosio Recordings International Record Superlabel.

Ambrosio Recordings:
An International Record SuperLabel is part of Ambrosio Studios Entertainment Ghost production company,
leader in royalties system where up to 80 % clean royalties goes to artists,
working Worldwide with many musicians, talents, artists, vocalists, producers, clubs, music festivals, radio's, tv's.
(We invite talents and motivate them to be dedicated to the music with our great contract conditions!)
3 Level Contracts that we offer for new artists:
Talent Contract (minimum 10 releases/tracks - 52% clean royalties)
Artist Contract (from 11th release till 100 release - 60% clean royalties)
Ultimate Artist Contract (from 101th release - 70% clean royalties)
Extreme package for already realized artists on top charts:
Extreme Artist Contract (minimum one album and 5 releases in top 10 charts - 80% clean royalties).

Alessandro Ambrosio:
CEO, General Director of Ambrosio Studios ghost company.
Various genres artist and production machine beast AMBROSIO is a mystery to some as he kept his sounds from year 1997 away from public.
This new bouncing face and rising talent is heading a new wave of all in one producer talents, and he is fully prepared to take over
the scene with his massives attractive sounds!
His energy was recognized by some of today’s best music legends like Swedish House Mafia, Dj Zedd, Dhany (Benny Bennasi), Ian Carey, Ana Rucner,
Ivana Kindl, Nyusha and many others.
Alessandro Ambrosio not only tore up with his EDM vibes but also covering trance, pop, classic music and even movie soundtracks.
Brand ‘’Ambrosio’’ is now in fully stage. The boss of rising superlabel Ambrosio Recordings.
Ambrosio has already carved out a name for himself in global music scene and big original releases and collaborations are coming up!
We can be assured that the Ambrosio brand, name, face, and energy is a force that will drive any genre music for years to come...

What makes us more different from other leading record labels and music companies is that we offer professional
business solutions in audio & video engineering.

Ambrosio Studios offer services:
1. Ghost Production for any known or unknown artists (Swedish Quality Production System),
2. Full Mastering services for your tracks or samples,
3. Audio editing & mixing services,
4. Video editing & mixing services,
5. Worldwide releasing with best royalties packages for our artists,
6. Professional soundtracks for filmakers / showmakers,
7. Special production & music compilations for your clubs, bars, hotels, lounges, etc.

We are specialized in creating soundtracks for movies, trailers and this is open invitations to any filmakers or showmakers around the Globe.
For more information of any offer please visit our emails or official website:

For any business inquiries please contact us here:
[email protected]

Music managers & Booking agents careers:
[email protected]

For Ghost Production Services please write to:
[email protected]

For Mastering Services please write to:
[email protected]

For Audio & Video Engineering Services please write to:
[email protected]

For Soundtracks (filmakers/showmakers) please write to:
[email protected]

If you have your DEMO and want to release it with us Worldwide, please send it to:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Your DONATIONS for music support please here: /redirect?redir_token=ie01X3uYD_W_-BNk0PIk0HRmwiZ8MTUwODAzNzgwMUAxNTA3OTUxNDAx&v=BVhLGlcYMZQ&

Big Thanks from Ambrosio Studios team.
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