Download [HD]6小時快樂寶寶鋼琴曲和流水聲~寶寶開心不鬧情緒/ Baby Soothing Piano Deep sleeping music/BRAIN DEVELOPMENT
[HD]6小時快樂寶寶鋼琴曲和流水聲~寶寶開心不鬧情緒/ Baby Soothing Piano Deep sleeping music/BRAIN DEVELOPMENT
[HD]6小時快樂寶寶鋼琴曲和流水聲~寶寶開心不鬧情緒/ Baby Soothing Piano Deep sleeping music/BRAIN DEVELOPMENT




1. 癒合的聲音。我們的432 Hz癒合音樂可以幫助你的寶寶有大腦發育最好的支持。多年的研究表明,在錄製的432 Hz的音樂是人類大腦發育和治療的最佳頻率。我們是唯一的通道,提供嬰兒這種音樂形式。

2.影片德目的在提供平靜的視覺效果,幫助寶寶輕鬆入睡。而不是只用聲音或簡單的圖像影片,很快失去寶寶的注意力,我們提供的先進的高清質量的視頻由經過認證的催眠和NLP設計的狀態(神經語言編程 - 通過NLP的創始人認證,Rihard Bandler)幫助寶寶入睡容易。

Created by certified hypnotists and NLP Master this video is designed to calm your baby and provide soothing long hours of sleep helping your baby to get rest.

What makes our video unique:

1. Healing sounds. Our music features 432 Hz healing music that helps your baby to have the best possible support for brain development. Years of research shows that music recorded at 432 Hz is the optimum frequency for human brain development and healing. WE ARE THE ONLY CHANNEL THAT OFFER THIS FORM OF MUSIC FOR BABIES.

2. Vıdeos that designed to provide calming visuals to help your baby easily fall asleep. Instead of videos with just sound or simple images that quickly lose the attention of your baby, we provide state of the art HD quality videos designed by a certified hypnotist and NLP Master (neuro linguistic programmer - certified by the founder of NLP, Rihard Bandler) to help your baby to fall asleep easily.
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