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How to Take 16x9 to 360 Degrees
How to Take 16x9 to 360 Degrees
Think outside the traditional 16x9 screen by creating 360-degree, immersive event experiences for attendees. Watch this breakout presentation from AV Concepts at Cvent CONNECT for tips on how to start...
Think outside the traditional 16x9 screen by creating 360-degree, immersive event experiences for attendees. Watch this breakout presentation from AV Concepts at Cvent CONNECT for tips on how to start thinking "outside the slide." Learn more at

*** Transcription***

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming to this small mini theater session on the topic of turning 16x9 into 360 degrees. My name is David Deal. I'm the Director of Marketing for AV Concepts. In the next 10 minutes, I want to inspire you and give you ideas of how you can turn your events into more immersive experiences. In your general sessions and break outs.

This is where we came from, 4x3. The ancient world of presentations. How many still have presentations and meetings going live in 4x3? Come on, don't be shy. Right. Still, to this day. Now, we're at 16x9. Video standards. Presentation standards should all go this way. Google will start ranking videos higher is 16x9 HD format than old 4x3, so all of our content, we're generating from presentations to videos. We've got to at least to to 16x9. We've got to be forward thinking. The higher resolution the better because HD video rank higher in Google and will be formatted on large screen, wide HD TVs better. Right. It's an obvious thing, so we got to at least push to 16x9. That's today.

Let's talk about where we're headed. Tomorrow, 360 degree immersive experiences, is where the events industry is going, but we're going to get there in steps. You can't just leap from 16x9 to 360 in every event we do. We don't have the budgets for it. We don't have the room space for it. I'm going to show you some examples of moving from 16x9 to 360. There's some tips and tricks I can give you, for how you can do that with a more limited budgets. The examples you'll see here today are blended presentation projection screens. Either front projection or rear projection with seamless imagery, which is beautiful. Just like you see the general session here at C Event Connect.

If you haven't been to GS yet, GS tonight, you will see a 250 foot, curved projection screen experience with full blended content, so it's seamless across there. 18 projectors are creating that experience. This is where the events industry is headed. Here's an example of what these look like.

All right, so that's a step up. That's an 80 foot screen, arched and curved because that's how presentations are delivered now. From projection, you get this nice wrapped immersive experience. As we start to wrap the audience in an envelop, it's like a big hug of our content and experience.

Now we're going to take a step up. Here's an example of Oracle Modern Marketing Experience. 200 feet of curved screen immersing the audience in this experience. This is becoming the new standard for events. You've got to maximize the size of your ballroom. Plan ahead, work with your AV partner and how they can achieve this. If you can't afford full blended content, you could do static screens that butt up against each other. Plan the content that way, so it doesn't seem like it's not seamless, but it costs, maybe a little less. Right, so you've got to work within your budget, but get a partner up head, that can help push you in this direction.

Now we're going to talk about Google I/O. Google I/O, this year, 2015, 570 feet of projection screen wrapping around the audience, 270 degrees. Incredible experience. This is what it looked like.

This is where we're headed, so I want to get you guys thinking about how you can push the content experience of your events. Don't just stop at 16x9 screens and think that's the standard and it's good enough. Be those that are innovators in pushing your experiences larger, more immersive, more experiential.

Finally, I'm going to show you actual 360 degree, wrapped content experience for La Quinta Hotels. We had a flying drone with HD camera rigged all around it, flying through experiences. Down Breckenridge skiing. On an airboat flying through the Everglades. Soaring through the sky and immersing an audience in an airplane adventure, through this content experience. This is where events are headed.

Right. It's amazing to be in that room and be surrounded by the content experience. Like soaring over California, but in 360 degrees, not just 270, in front of you. It's an incredible experience.

I just wanted to thank you for a little glimpse and a little inspiration, in how to bring your events to the next level. If you want to talk in more detail about how you can do it within your budgets, within the scope of what you have, I'm available. Richard Steinhour, Executive Vice President is available to talk to you. Our exhibit, out here against the huge LED wall, try to immerse you in our content experience. We'll see you at the general session tonight. Keep this in mind when you see it. Thanks everyone.
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