Download Liane V - Vines Compilation June/2015 Updated
Liane V - Vines Compilation June/2015 Updated
Liane V - Vines Compilation June/2015 Updated
The Dog Walkers. with Wuz Good Vines
Girls never mean what they say with Klarity Vines
"When a girl gets tocomfortable" with Klarity #BringComfyBack U by Kotex Vines
Introducing my boyfriend to my ...
The Dog Walkers. with Wuz Good Vines
Girls never mean what they say with Klarity Vines
"When a girl gets tocomfortable" with Klarity #BringComfyBack U by Kotex Vines
Introducing my boyfriend to my family (with Wuz Good, Wally Valenzuela, The V-4) Vines
When people lie to impress someone (with Klarity, MelvinGregg) Vines
Girls always use the bathroom together w/ Anwar Jibawi, Piques, Wuz Good, Vines
When you see an internet bully in real life Vines
Every time we visit vegas with Wally Valenzuela #TheyLoveToGamble Vines
Face Timing Drake(with MelvinGregg) Vines
Caught up (with Trae The Truth) Vines
Worst interview ever (extended version on my Instagram! @LoveLianeV Vines
Those annoying workers when you shop MelvinGregg Vines
Crazy girlfriends be like...(with Klarity) Vines
We made it too! #AsianEmojis (DeStorm Power, Don Benjamin) #Remake Klarity Vines
Dudes in your girls friend zone waiting for u to slip like... (DeStorm Power, MelvinGregg, Anwar Jibawi, Safaree SB FENGALI, George Ja... Vines
Breaking up with a dark skin guy vs light skin guy (DeStorm Power, MelvinGregg) Vines
Burrrrrr with Wally Valenzuela #Burner Vines
High Five! (Hannah Stocking, DeStorm Power, Wuz Good) Vines
Candy man DeStorm Power, Don Benjamin Vines
Juice MelvinGregg, Drake Vines
Sweatpants (with Wally Valenzuela) #katchmuzic #katch #sweatpants Vines
Flowers (with KingBach, Pagekennedy) Vines
What guys never say... (with DeStorm Power, Klarity, Tayvion Power) Vines
Sometimes I really get into my music videos (with KingBach) Lip sync your verse at #LeftSwipeDat Vines
Ooops (with Lance210, Amanda Cerny) Vines
Never ask a guy to hold your purse. (w/ KingBach & Klarity) Vines
Gay friend on demand (with Brandon Calvillo) Vines
Bubble wrap can save your life. (With DeStorm Power, Official JaNINA) Vines
When you get caught in a lie (w/ DeStorm Power, Official JaNINA) Vines
Instagram: @LoveLianeV Vines
How you act when your crush shows up #TooMuchPerfume (w/ DeStorm Power, KingBach Power 106) Vines
Bad Neighborhood (w/ Brandon Calvillo) Vines
Never touch a girls hair (with Klarity, MelvinGregg) Vines
Hair-Do #Halftime Pepsi Vines
"Like father like son." #lightskins (with MelvinGregg, Malak Watson) Vines
@LoveLianeV: New song #KeepPlayin ft. Trevor Jackson Link on my Instagram bio! @LoveLianeV Vines
Peanut Butter Jelly time! with Wally Valenzuela #FocusedOnYou Vines
"Boyfriends always act different when they meet the parents" (with Splack_19) Vines
When someone accidentally sends you a voice note (w/ Jessica Lesaca, Lara Sebastian) Vines
New Years Kiss #HappyNewYear (with KingBach, DeStorm Power, Amanda Cerny) Vines
Puppy love (w/ Wuz Good) #CuffinSeason Vines
When you think you give the best Christmas presents (With Wuz Good & NoahPom) Vines
Shopping with your boyfriend (with Klarity & XiXi Yang) Z Gallerie Vines
7/11 with Wally Valenzuela Vines
I hate mass texts (with Official JaNINA, DeStorm Power) Vines
When your friends are always on their phone (with jen deleon) Vines
Girls. ( with jen deleon ) Vines
Had the opportunity to train with Pacquiao before his fight! for more pics & vids follow me on Instagram! @LoveLianeV Vines
Everyone is afraid of something w/ KingBach, Klarity, smelaniebooth Vines
When someone finds service KingBach, Splack_19, Wuz Good Vines
Halloween costume transformation (with LIL JON & DJ E Rock) Vines
Taking selfies with Drake (with MelvinGregg ) Vines
Victory Dance with Wally Valenzuela Vines
How people feel when they get the new iPhone6 with Wally Valenzuela Vines
When guys lie about what they have w/ KingBach, Amanda Cerny Vines
Rude guests be like... w/ DeStorm Power #NoChill Vines
When compliments go too far... #aeostyle #AEOjeans AEO Vines
Relationship intuitions w/ KingBach Vines
Annoying roommates be like... ( w/ Layla Covino & Jose) Vines
Taking a compliment the wrong way (w/ Cody Johns ) #AEOstyle #AEOjeans AEO Vines
Big booty w/ Wally Valenzuela (extended version on my Instagram @lovelianeV) Vines
"Thot Walk" battle with my dad Wally Valenzuela Vines
The last pretzel w/ MelvinGregg, Alphacat Vines
How it feels when you get a paper cut w/ DeStorm Vines
When you tickle a dark skin guy VS a light skin guy w/ SirElijahBlake & codakblue Vines
Too much booty in the pants w/ Wally Valenzuela Vines
When a stranger smacks you on the butt w/ its99Percent, AriSimon #shabooyah Vines
Guys at the gym be like.. w/ Klarity, MAX JR and Rudy Mancuso Vines
How a masculine guy protects his girl VS how a feminine guy protects his girl. (w/ BigDaddyKane757 & Elijah Blake) Vines
Wiggle wiggle wiggle! w/ Wally Valenzuela extended version on my Instagram: @LoveLianeV Vines
Getting caught dreaming about yo
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