Download my 4,566,300,000 Year Old Ring - crafted from a Swedish Meteorite
my 4,566,300,000 Year Old Ring - crafted from a Swedish Meteorite
my 4,566,300,000 Year Old Ring - crafted from a Swedish Meteorite
Check out this Indiegogo I helped make: /redirect?v=vff68_q-beg&redir_token=E3o2qoTZ0VBPr2e3uPfQ9uJFTCl8MTU1MTg4MzExN0AxNTUxNzk2NzE3&event=video_description&
Check out this Indiegogo I helped make: /redirect?v=vff68_q-beg&redir_token=E3o2qoTZ0VBPr2e3uPfQ9uJFTCl8MTU1MTg4MzExN0AxNTUxNzk2NzE3&event=video_description&
_____INTERESTED in buying a Meteorite Ring?______
AWESOME! However, I'm having trouble keeping up with demand. I wish I could make every one of you a ring to cherish and blow minds with. But I'm only one person and there are only so many hours in a day.

I always want to deliver the best ring I can, a ring made well enough that you can wear it with pride and good enough to perhaps, one day, pass on to the next generation. Such a ring takes time and effort to make and I don't want to promise deadlines I cannot hold.

Therefore I made an email list!

Once I'm finished with a ring and have time to make another, I'll contact the next person in line on this list.

The price for a ring is 900 USD, this includes insured worldwide shipping and a bottle of protective coating that should last you many years.

Meteorite rings are freaking awesome but there are some things that you must know before you decide to sign up:

First: Your ring would be from a meteorite from the same fall as the ring I made in the video. The pattern will be very similar, but it will not be exactly the same, just as two rings from the same slab will not be exactly the same.

Second; The ring will require maintenance. I will coat every ring with 5 layers of a special coating made for jewelry. It prevents rust and it protects your skin somewhat. This coating will wear down over time and you would need to apply a fresh coat every now and then to keep the protective layer intact. A bottle of this coating will be included. It's very easy to apply yourself and takes a couple of minutes to put on and is perfectly dry the morning after.

If the maintenance schedule is not kept the ring might rust. If this happens you might be possible to clean off and re-treat the ring. But if it's really bad the ring might need to be sanded and etched again. I recommend not wearing the ring while doing dishes, bathing, showering or similar very wet tasks to reduce the risk of this happening.

Third; It contains a high concentration of nickel. Around 8.4%. If you're intolerant or allergic then you should absolutely not wear this ring. Please read up on nickel allergy and how it can develop with long term exposure. I do not recommend having a meteorite ring of any kind as a wedding ring. Wear it on special occasions, like you would any other fine jewelry. A properly coated ring will help reduce the exposure so please maintain it.

Forth; Wear. The ring is made from iron. It's harder than gold and silver but softer than titanium. It can scratch. The scratches, if they penetrate the protective layer can make the pattern look "muddier". Scratches that have penetrated the protective layer can comprise the protection from moisture which in turn can lead to rust in that spot. Maintenance is important. If the scratches are competing with the beautiful pattern it is possible to re-etch the ring.

Now it sounds like the ring will rust and scratch as soon as you look at, that's not really the case. The protective coating is very hard and helps protect the ring well. It's mainly to impress upon you this ring isn't a "get and forget" kind of a thing. It needs love and respect. It's a meteorite after all.

If you need a ring quicker the awesome youtuber Patrick Adair sells rings on his site: /redirect?v=vff68_q-beg&redir_token=E3o2qoTZ0VBPr2e3uPfQ9uJFTCl8MTU1MTg4MzExN0AxNTUxNzk2NzE3&event=video_description& He offers them at a very reasonable 1100 USD considering the time and risks involved in making one. I'm pretty sure he has a shorter delivery time than I do. Tell him I said Hi if you get one :)

This is a Muonionalusta meteorite. The unique Widmanstätten pattern makes this one of the most beautiful meteorites. Showing this ring to new people really is amazing. Some people freak out completely when told this story and rightfully so. It's freaking 20 million years older than the earth! Thanks to lead-lead dating we can with great accuracy determine that this meteorite is at least 4565.3 million years old. It's just mind-bending.

A big thanks to "Inspire to make" who made the video that inspired me to make this ring: /watch?v=82AzU2MQZ_I Keep up the great work Bob!

You should also check out this video by Patrick Adair Designs: /watch?v=F_rbqJ1eXV8

Source/reference material:

- Ducktales The Amazon Session OC ReMix by Gux
Download it for free at OC
- Adventure -
- Dark Matter- Freddie Hangoler (licensed through audiojungle) - Exploring the RC world, one crash at a time.
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