Download Onomatopoeia Megane -Acoustic Ver- (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】オノマトペメガネ
Onomatopoeia Megane -Acoustic Ver- (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】オノマトペメガネ
Onomatopoeia Megane -Acoustic Ver- (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】オノマトペメガネ
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Hi it’s really cold outside and I started classes again.

I meant...
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Hi it’s really cold outside and I started classes again.

I meant to cover this a long time ago and even commissioned the art and everything, but I just never got to it. Well, now that it’s cloudy and sad outside, I guess it’s nekobolo time. Especially since this song always got me through dreary days in high school, taking a walk and listening to this song is how I got through a lot of things actually. (I also recommend Walt on the Zankyou no Terror OST,,,or the entire album heck)

Also, I know I could’ve translated the onomatopoeia phrases, but I enjoyed singing it in Japanese so much more. Now I realize it sounds like a Japanese lesson lol.

Oh wait I just remembered I finished recording “Release the Spyce” this week, you can now watch the whole series on HiDive!

✦ Music & Lyrics: nekobolo
✦ Guitar: nohi - /redirect?redir_token=AZ5V6UUyihSqIjuna2m5m9zfgNZ8MTU0ODU3NTM4NUAxNTQ4NDg4OTg1&event=video_description&v=VNeHomDmZLc&
✦ Original: /watch?v=YqNUVaKnCs8

✦ Vocals/Mix/Video: Juby
✦ Art: yaoyorouzu/hel
✦ Transaltion Ref: zcatcracker

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CHARAN CHARAN, the bell will sing a song
It chimes like the walking cat that’s moving along
POTAN POTAN, it’s raining on and on
Beneath the umbrella, whispering and quickly gone

I’m slowly growing numb inside the rain pouring down
So show me someone now who doesn’t care inside the sound

We couldn’t see ahead, met with blurring shapes that bend away
Spending our time inside a dream and didn’t wake
You and me, we’re counting, ONE and TWO form a ring
But am I missing anything? Something I didn’t see

You couldn’t see ahead, whether bias made us blind or not
Biding our time in separate boxes, like I thought
You and me, harmony, ONE and TWO suffering
Now clouding up my eyes until the FONT is something I can’t read

KARAN KARAN, the bell will ring a song
Where is she? The girl who rang, is already gone
HITAN HITAN, feet skipping very small
Beneath the umbrella, hopping happily along

We didn’t think ahead, yet again, we’re slow to realize
Spending our time inside a prison yet to find
You and me, we’re stopping, ONE and TWO faltering
And suddenly our senses drown in words we always hid beneath

No one can see, is it the truth? Or just a lie again?
Put it into words, but does the meaning mean the same to them?
I don’t know the reason my eyes never see the lie, tell me why?

I couldn’t see ahead, my tears are blurring shapes that bend away
But now I know the meaning deep inside engraved
You and me, connecting, ONE and TWO words align
The meaning in them, every one, unique to you and I

We couldn’t see ahead, but now we’re making out a shape or two
Spending my time upon a journey, here with you
You and me, we’re walking, ONE and TWO side by side
We’re looking for the answer, knowing there was never one to find

And leaving all the fonts behind
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