Download 「Q10 Miracle 玫麗佳 (億嘉國際)」中文
「Q10 Miracle 玫麗佳 (億嘉國際)」中文
「Q10 Miracle 玫麗佳 (億嘉國際)」中文
Q10 玫麗佳
Q10玫麗佳是一種全素的多功能保健果汁。它採用天然植物成分,以革命性的瑞士嶄新科技,結合了源自瑞士的玫瑰幹細胞和葡萄乾細胞,輔酵素 Q10,和近20種天然水果成分,深層修復及活化體內細胞;強大的抗氧化特性,促使皮膚再生,回復年輕彈力,提供肌膚自深層到表面的抗老卓效。


Q10 Miracle is a vegetarian multifunctional fruit juice supplement. It is produced with all-natural plants. It combines stem cell of roses and grapes imported from Switzerland, CoQ10 and close to 20 types of natural fruit extract ingredients, with transformative brand-new technology from Switzerland. It can repair and activate the inner body’s cell; due to its antioxidant characteristics, it can reenergize the skin, restore its elasticity and protect the skin from very inner layer until the most outer layer. It improves the skin fairness and shining, further eliminates the trace of aging. No more waiting and regrets, simply beauty without trace of aging.
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