Download Sami Yusuf – Glorification (Official Music Video) | 2017
Sami Yusuf – Glorification (Official Music Video) | 2017
Sami Yusuf – Glorification (Official Music Video) | 2017
Download 'Glorification' here
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Download 'Glorification' here
Download/Stream the album here
Watch Sami's Official YouTube playlist

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Composed, arranged and performed by Sami Yusuf
Words by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Mode: Aeolian

Performed live at the Dubai Opera, musically speaking, this piece is a marriage between East and West. The composition incorporates traditional instruments of the eastern and western parts of the Muslim world underpinned by a Western/European modal system. This piece showcases the superb virtuosity of the musicians for it stretches the boundaries of what can be played on such instruments. The subject is the Supreme Reality (known in the Islamic tradition as ALLAH), which according to the Islamic tradition has ninety-nine beautiful Names. Some are ’Jamālī’ (feminine/beautiful) and some as ‘Jalālī’ (masculine/majestic). Sami Yusuf’s composition strikes a balance between the two as do the profound lyrics.

For this special performance, an open call went out to singers in the UAE to audition for the choir. A panel of judges helped choose the winners who embarked on rigorous training before their captivating live performance.

PERFORMERS (From right to left):

Seyyed Mohammad Jaberi: Daf, Bendir, Dayre & Vocals
Ömer Avci: Dohol, Bendir, Kudum & Vocals
Abbas Karacan: Bass Darabuka, Bendir & Tef
Mustafa Olgan: Qanun & Vocals
Selim Boyaci: Oud & Vocals
Seyed Ali Jaberi: Tanbour, Tar & Vocals
Türker Dinletir: Ney, Zourna & vocals
Adem Tosunoglu: Baglama, Tanbur, Kemançe & Vocals
Farshad Mohammadi: Santoor & Vocals
Jon Lawton: Classical Guitar, Tanbour & Vocals


Sami Yusuf: Vocal, Piano, Tar, Oud & Tonbak

Backing Vocalists (From the right):

Sami Mohammad Ahmad Alhaj: Bass
AbdulRazzak Barma: Baritone
Abeer El Sayed Ahmad: Mezzo-Soprano
Nancy Al Baltaji: Contra-Alto

Guest Backing Vocalists for ‘Glorification’:

Abdallah Taha El-Khatib
Sarah Mustafa
Erfan Shekarriz
Eisar Alkhalifa
Haider Khan
Abdulrahman Bechir
Maria Ollero Sunyer
Mishlien Alkhoury
Hajar El Harrak
Yara Mohamed Ahmed Amin
Mays Albeik
Hamed Al Herbawi


Recorded and filmed at the prestigious Dubai Opera on the 16th of December 2016, this concert explores traditions from over one thousand years of the cultural and sacred music of Andalusia, North Africa, Arabia, Khorasan (Greater Persia) and Asia. Sung in multiple languages (including English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Punjabi, Azeri), this exhilarating performance by the multi-instrumentalist, composer and renowned singer Sami Yusuf brings together world-class musicians from around the globe to take listeners on a musical journey of discovery.


Executive Producers: Ahmed Salim, Sami Yusuf, Christine Hoechstoetter

Recording Engineer Peter Herrmann
Mixed and Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios
Video Editing and Postproduction by Omar Habib @ Andante Studios
Colour Grading @ Elements Cine Productions
Filmed by 2Shoes (London, UK)

Graphic Design & Artwork: Kwame Busia
Additional Graphics & Design: Mahdi Jahangir

*Special thanks to ‘Nassim Al-Saba’ Choir, Dubai Opera and the casting judges: Zoe Richards, Shaza Shannan, Joseph Fowler and Ahmed Salim.

*Filmed live thanks to the generous support of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives.

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The DVD (+ Audio CD) includes 19 tracks, 4 Bonus tracks + Behind The Scenes, Exclusive Interview with Sami Yusuf as well as a beautifully designed comprehensive booklet with detailed descriptions for all songs.

Buy the DVD+CD here

Published by Andante Records & Administered by Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd for the World

Copyright of Andante Records. All Rights reserved.
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