Download FNAF / SFM| Betrayal | Siames - The Wolf
FNAF / SFM| Betrayal | Siames - The Wolf
FNAF / SFM| Betrayal | Siames - The Wolf
!!! STORY !!! - /redirect?

!!! STORY !!! - /redirect?


This is the tale, of the last remaining member of the Afton family. The youngest brother, or, “runt” of the litter if you will. After he was nearly killed by the Fredbear animatronic, he managed to survive his long and gruesome coma. The news had claimed that the child had been killed in the accident however, his father managed to bring him back from his coma. Afton wanted to do everything in his power to keep him alive, including saving his son’s strength. Because of this, he constructed things such as synthetic legs for his son to walk around on, that way he didn’t have to use effort to walk. However, he still felt a lot of pain. His other 2 children had been killed by those Fazbear animatronics, and he could not do anything to save them, which put him into a very terrible state of depression. His last hope for raising a child, was the son he had just brought back to life. He decided to teach his son everything he knew about creating robots. His son, Mike, grew up and impressed his father with how quickly he had learned to create the robots. Soon after, Afton retired, and Mike wanted to take over the business for his father. Mike asked his father if he could take over, but Afton refused to let Mike take his place. He explained that the job was full of risks, and that he didn’t want his son in a dangerous position. In reality, Afton did not want his son to find out about the crimes he had committed, such as murder and use of illegal materials to create his deadly machines. Mike was furious with his father for not trusting him enough with his business, but continued to go about life normally.

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■SONG■ by Siames -

■Intro song■ Nightcore - Faded [Susumu Remix]

■Outro song■ Ahxello - Forever

All models and stuff DON'T belong to me even the music, only my efforts in this animation! Crying kid was made by me in Fuse.

■Models■ by:
Twisted Bonnie / Foxy / Golden Freddy / Glitch (wolf) - HayStudio
Twisted Freddy - Snakey Art
Afton - Eternal_Nightmare_of_87
Mike child version - made by me in Fuse
Purple guy (Mike), child (Marcus) - Derpity Ellis
Stan Lee (doctor) - X - N - A
Kate (Sally) - L.
Dwight (Lucas) - Behaviour Interactive
Filthy Frank (Sven) - Sinty
Iris (Leila) - Menace Red / Smug
Withered Foxy / Golden Freddy / Freddy / Bonnie StrangeSpyder

NOTE - Some scenes I was building from props!

■DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!■ You can do something creative out of it. If you want to use it full then please contact me on YouTube.

■PROGRAMS■ I used:
SFM Source Filmmaker
Paint tool sai for redoing pictures
Sony Vegas Pro 11/13 for montage all parts together

THIS WAS MADE IN 15 DAYS (~110 hours in total)

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