Download The Zionist Project 1. Hollywood Star & How TV Ruined Your Life
The Zionist Project 1. Hollywood Star & How TV Ruined Your Life
The Zionist Project 1. Hollywood Star & How TV Ruined Your Life
The media don't lie, they simply show you the only thing that they want you to see - edited, re-edited, doctored and re-spun as entertainment.

Side by side with promoting consumer culture the corpora...
The media don't lie, they simply show you the only thing that they want you to see - edited, re-edited, doctored and re-spun as entertainment.

Side by side with promoting consumer culture the corporate media, since 11 September 2001, increasingly portrays Islam as a religion of ignorance, hatred and terrorist violence. The false flag attacks of 9/11 provided the pretext for a devastating war upon the oil rich Muslim world. Millions of people have been killed and tens of millions of lives ruined in a swathe of destruction stretching from Libya to Afghanistan. When an "Islamist" then carries out an attack in the West the media seize upon it, magnifying it into a global terror news event - all of the victims are remembered in an international two minute silence and the world is constantly outraged! Massive civilian casualties in the latest U.S. bombing raids are then simply presented as "collateral damage" of the "War on Terror!" - and no one cares. After mass demonstrations and antiwar protests the consumer public filled up their cars, went shopping and carried on enjoying their blood for oil lives.

The world is merely a reflection. A best guess approximation based upon external stimuli acting on the physical senses. Light enters the eye and sound waves enter the ear generating nerve impulses which are sent to the brain. These signals are used by the mind to form a perception of reality. Throughout human history the natural world has been the only source for these external signals - that all changed at the dawn of the technological age with the birth of electronics.

“Moving pictures” first became popular thanks to cheap nickelodeons – stores would run projectors and, for five cents, passers-by could drop in and catch a flick. Dedicated cinemas soon arrived bringing the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the big screen. The grainy images of silent movies gradually developed into quality black and white complete with a full soundtrack. Friends and family would go along for a night out discussing the movie together afterwards. And then there was Technicolor! - immersing the viewer in a whole new world of artificial light and sound. A world created in a Hollywood studio.
The first primitive televisions were cumbersome and expensive. They brought ghostly images into the home for a few hours each evening - watched by neighbours gathered around the local set. New technology rapidly improved the picture quality and cheap new color TVs soon replaced the old black and white models. The television quickly became an essential appliance in every home. Families would watch their favourite TV shows while eating dinner together. Along came VCRs and video games machines. Soon there was a TV in every room. And now there’s High Definition Widescreen, digital surround sound and hundreds of channels broadcasting night and day, seven days a week.
The computer revolution arrived with advances in microchip technology which allowed for compact size and affordability. Outside of military applications, computers were mainly used by banks and businesses for spreadsheets and networked databases. Internet connectivity increasingly brought computers into the home where they rapidly evolved into advanced platforms of high-speed digital entertainment. Social media, YouTube, online gaming and an ocean of freely-available pornography has greatly widened the scope of entertainment options to the point of chronic mass user addiction.

And now we live in the light of a new world: computer screens and television screens, smartphone screens on the bus, in the shops, at the park and even while walking down the street! Machines that beam electronic signals into the minds of the population drowning out individual reality and replacing it with a fashionable media hive mind of fantasy, fiction and lies.

We now have the situation, unique in history, where “the few” directly control what “the many” think, feel and perceive. The few who decide which scripts become movies, which pilot episodes become TV series, which bands get promoted, which seven world events become “news” - receiving coverage on every major network that day - and which products are advertised over and over again. The few at the heart of corporate Zionism who own the banks and the major corporations, the networks and the politicians. The few who own the machine and the light.

10:79 And pharaoh commanded: "Bring before me every sorcerer of great knowledge!"
10:80 And when the sorcerers came, Moses said unto them: "Throw whatever you may [wish to]
10:81 And when they threw down [their staffs and cast a spell upon the people's eyes],
Moses said unto them: "What you have contrived is [but] sorcery which, verily, God will bring to naught! Verily, God does not further the works of spreaders of corruption - (82) whereas by His
words God proves the truth to be true, however hateful this may be to those who are lost in sin!"

'The Message of the Quran',
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