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Lost Frequencies - What Is Love 2016
Lost Frequencies - What Is Love 2016
Check out my new release “Crazy” w/ Zonderling; Lost Frequencies revives 23 year old Single "What is Love" Get "What is Love" and Pr...
Check out my new release “Crazy” w/ Zonderling; Lost Frequencies revives 23 year old Single "What is Love" Get "What is Love" and Pre-order the "Less is More" Album now; Merely one week after sparking the pre-order of debut album ‘Less Is More’, Lost Frequencies has put out the album’s second new single on Armada Music. ‘What Is Love 2016’ is a fresh take on the 23-year-old hit song from Haddaway and is sure to buzz incessantly until the full release of ‘Less Is More’ two weeks from now. ‘What Is Love 2016’ also comes with a full-fledged music video. Lost Frequencies, also known as Felix de Laet, wasn’t even born when ‘What Is Love’ smashed charts worldwide in 1993, but is without doubt one of the hottest acts of the moment. The Belgian talent-turned-superstar scored a monster hit with ‘Are You With Me’ two years ago and has been an absolute hit machine ever since. Between debut single ‘Are You With Me’, successor ‘Reality’ and recent addition ‘Beautiful Life’, Lost Frequencies was crowned with gold, platinum and double platinum in a few dozen countries, peaked at #1 in some of the world’s most acclaimed charts (including the UK Singles Charts), and accumulated over half a billion streams on Spotify alone. Next to these globally acclaimed and chart-wrecking singles, Lost Frequencies’ debut album ‘Less Is More’ features a lot of new productions. Throughout the album, the Belgian wonderworker spotlights his revered signature sound in a myriad of ways, all extremely catchy and easy on the ear. ‘Less Is More’ will be released on Armada Music two weeks from now, on October 21st. /redirect?redir_token=kbMk5BfvytduzXIZQltH7Aumcg58MTUxNTAwNDIxMEAxNTE0OTE3ODEw& /redirect?redir_token=kbMk5BfvytduzXIZQltH7Aumcg58MTUxNTAwNDIxMEAxNTE0OTE3ODEw& Video production company: Soulvizion Casting by JamyJoy Entertainment ( CAST: Don Rigters - David, leading actor J E Rigters - Trainer Zora - daughter David Melissa Kanza - Girlfriend David Ed Lesemann - Doctor Alkenah Wansing - Basketballer 1 Jeroen jansen - Basketballer 2 Lindy Chippendel - Basketballer 3 Special Thanks to: MartiniPlaza, House of Donar Hard Work – Industrial Sports /redirect?redir_token=kbMk5BfvytduzXIZQltH7Aumcg58MTUxNTAwNDIxMEAxNTE0OTE3ODEw& /redirect?redir_token=kbMk5BfvytduzXIZQltH7Aumcg58MTUxNTAwNDIxMEAxNTE0OTE3ODEw&
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