How to download and convert Youtube videos?

If you want to convert any video or cut/crop/strip an audio from media - just choose a category and follow the steps described below.

There is no payments and registration needed. Don't trust the services which offer you to download any software instead of converted files!

How to convert and download videos from Youtube?

1. Choose a video file that you want to handle with.

First of all, you need to go to the original Youtube website. Search through and choose a targeted media file.

first step to download video from Youtube

2. Copy the link from your browser into the memory buffer.

Remember: your chosen link to video-file used to look like

Useful tips:

  1. Press F6 or Ctrl+L / Cmd+L (Mac) on your keyboard, or point the cursor to the adress bar of your browser and mark targeted link.
  2. Use Ctrl+C or Cmd+C if you are using Mac. Right mouse click and hitting the Copy function is welcome too.
  3. Proceed to the next step #3.

3. Launch Tubget online service to begin download or converting.

If you're redirected somewhere else except - check your computer by preferred AntiVirus.

  1. Press Ctrl+T or Cmd+T if you are using Mac on your keyboard. You can hit "new tab" bookmark in your browser, of course.
  2. Type or just click here for our online video downloader.
  3. Move to the next step #4.

third step to download video from Youtube

4. Navigate to the input field and paste the link there.

  1. Use Ctrl+V or Cmd+V if you are using Mac. Right mouse click and hitting the Paste function for those, who hate keyboards :) .
  2. Check if the copied link (you want to convert) is totally correct. And there is no other information in buffer.
  3. If everything (and we do not doubt) is done great - the buttons Format and Download will be activated for you.
  4. Go to the next step #5.

fourth step to download video from Youtube

5. Select the desired download file format.

Before you press the Download button - you need to choose the format of output file in the select box.
For that who want some issues about technical specifications of the files, refer to the Wiki:

We recommend to use our short annotation:

  1. MP4 - is shortened MPEG-4. It is the most commonly used and popular format nowadays.
  2. 3GP - was designed for GSM mobile phones. Of course, almost every smartphone now can play MP4.
  3. WebM - is a video format to implement in HTML5 website markup.
  4. MP3 - is an audio format. If you want to download only soundtrack of a video - that is one to choose
So, it's time to select the desired format and push the Download button!
Now, navigate to step #6.

fifth step to download video from Youtube

6. Youtube converting is starting immediately.

After 5-10 seconds it can be downloaded to your preferred destination.
Btw, you can give us a like while waiting :) It's easy done at the right sidebar.
Thanks in advance!

sixth step to download video from Youtube

7. Grab a downloaded video-file to any place on your hard drive.

  1. Move to the opened window.
  2. Select a folder to download.
  3. Click Save button.
  4. Wait until converted file will be downloaded to your PC.
  5. Now open it and enjoy high quality with a succesful download. You are welcome!

seventh step to download video from Youtube

[TUTORIAL] Video-instructions for Youtube MP4 download.

If something goes wrong, please, check every step on this video.

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